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Personal images

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When life started
After 38 years
A Mother-in law 'Gladys'
My pier behind the house
Big turtle, it's what I do
Me and some more turtles
Cans by Cambridge bridge
Is it time to shoot or what
Nice teal, need author
A greater bluegoose that I mounted
Some of my canadain mounts
You coming for supper?
Tinker at six weeks
Tinker at 12 weeks
Tinker in the boat
Brant at Cambridge
A Preditor
My county where I live
A woody
A jumping woody
Amercan goldeneye
Cans in on us
They are here
Coming to tires at Hurlock
Canadians with collars
I just love them
I just love these also
Eddie and I
Cabin Creek duck blind downriver
Cabin Creek duck blind out front
Cabin Creek duck blind up river 
You gotto see this


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