Kneels In Heels
I was Kneels In Heels - I am no longer - I now kneel shamefully before my Lord begging for His mercy....

Thanks for visiting my web site though I suspect this message is not what you were seeking.  As they would say in Star Wars, the pull of the dark side has been and remains very strong in my life.  I have committed nearly ever sin possible it seems and in particular the lust of the flesh has been, and I must admit remains, a tremendous problem for me as I suspect it is for you.

After years of deplorable sinful living I have committed myself to a radical change in my life, to reversal of my course and to adhering to the example set forth by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the inspired words of the Holy Bible.  I would encourage you to examine your own life not in comparison to others but to the standards set forth for living in the Holy Bible, the inspired word of God, our creator. 

While we live we have a choice to follow God and ensure our eternal salvation and happiness or to go our own way that will lead only to our eternal death and suffering.  I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the son of God and that he came into this world and was put to death on the cross for our sins so that through him we might have the assurance of eternal life if we will be follow the pathway to heaven laid out in the Holy Scriptures.  I believe he raised from the dead, that death has no power over Him, that He lives spiritually.  I believe that He will judge each and every one of us according to how we have lived our lives.  I pray that He will be merciful to me and that each soul that reads these words will be inspired to examine themselves against the Biblical standards and that you will repent and be baptised for the remission of your sins while the Lord remains patient with you.  For each of us there will be a time of accounting for our life and for judgement and I pray that the Lord will be merciful with me and that my sins will be covered by His grace and that is my prayer for you as well.

A web link follows where the Holy scriptures are available over the internet in many languages.  Read and study these inspired words, no others are needed for your salvation, and do not be deceived by men and their words.   When you believe, as you will with study, repent, change your life. confess your sins, and be baptised for their  remission.  Then take up your cross and follow Christ through the remainder of your days by doing God's will in all things and serving mankind.

May my feeble words encourage you to study the inspired words of scripture so that God may touch your heart in order that your soul might be saved.
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