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Enter in peace and leave with love.  These pages were created with love and are intended to help heal those whose who are in need. Whether it be loneliness, health, anger, pain or just searching on your spiritual path.  I hope to touch on as many topics here as I can on Health, healing, love, women's needs, and give links to search through to help any one on their journey through life.

We are all created equal and we each have unique gifts to share, it is in sharing these gifts with others that we will truly be one and have healed the human race and the universe and this would truly be "Magic" yes.

This will "only" happen when each of us looks beyond the exterior to the interior of their being to discover their own personal power through their connection to the Ultimate of all Energies.

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                                                                  We are all on a journey, as time will tell
                                                                           we doubt, we search
                                                                       You know us well

                                                                    Who are we ? Why are we here ?
                                                                         seems to be the question
                                                                          The answers we fear

                                                                        Am I you ? And are you me ?
                                                                      are we really connected
                                                                    to that beautiful tree ?

                                                                     We search, we lie, we cry
                                                                        the emptiness we feel inside
                                                                      where do I go ? do I still try ?
                                                                    To find the answers of, Who am I.

                                                                     The answers my friend are easy as can be
                                                                     see, we are connected to that beautiful tree
                                                                           I am you, and you are me
                                                                      We are all connected as was meant to be.



                                                       * this poem was written by me, and not to be removed from these pages *

                                                    All things that exists "are" energy, the birds, the trees, the rocks the grass, And all of us. It is when we realize and connect ourselves to this divine energy that we will truly have found the path home. This will create the ultimate universe, one in which we will all live in peace and harmony with nothing but unconditional love. Sound magical ? yes, and VERY possible ! :)





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This candle burns for all the victims of Domestic Violence.
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