why are you here?
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Welcome to my little online world. There's not much here because I'm not a very interesting person. You're here for one of two reasons. 1)you are a friend of mine and wanted to check out what I've created, or 2)somehow you've wound up here and have meant to go somewhere else.

Funky Little GumClick on Mr. Silky Saccaducci to be whisked away to the website of the greatest band in the world!

fill up space

fill up space

Here's a link to the other greatest band in the world:
They kick ass

So, now that you're here, you want something to do? Well, here is some nifty stuff that I have to share:

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  • How's about a poem by my friend Nathan
  • Here are some of my favorite websites!
  • Pictues of my friends.
  • Or you could click here to Sign my Guestbook!
  • Here you can view my Guestbook.
  • Nathan's poetry archive.

    I Have Sold Out.

    Here is my ICQ# - 5026830

    Sorry John Actually, I figured I should put something new up so geocities wouldn't be pricks and take down my site. You can also use this thing to get ahold of me via ICQ...

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    Well, that's about it actually. I don't really have much else to share. Thank you for stopping by.

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    P.S. If you are one of my friends that has a homepage and it's not listed, e-mail me the address and I'll post it.

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    There used to be a counter here, but it messed up and said that there were over 3 million people that visited here, which can't possibly be right. I'm not that popular.
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