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Hard core HotRods....Yesss!

Hi! Im probably not the only one to enjoy V-8s, but living here in Sweden it sometimes makes me feel like that. Sure, we have a few hard-core car lovers here (especially in Gryt), but often peoples opinion is that cars with BIG engines are no-good, in Sweden. Anyway, considering these problems, Ive aquired myself a few lovely examples of American ingeniunity : a Plymouth Roadrunner convertible 1970 , a Chevrolet Blazer 1975 (with a Buick 430) and a Dodge 1937 street rod with Chev 350+350, built by myself. The last vehicle is a sheer study in simpleness and back-to-basics. As beeing a member of SSRA, Swedish Street Rod Association (soon to be a waterhole on the Net, maybe?) I feel the obligation to show my gratitude to The Most Important Motor-organisation in Sweden. The inspiration You get visiting all their gatherings, is invaluable! And, oh yes, there are a few other important things here in this life : my co-live (sambo) Karin, who recently became a registered midvife (hooray, hooray!), who is the mother of two small children : Nadia, 9 years old, and Elektra, 10 years old. Nice, active, teasing, singing, mean, happy, sweeeeet, lazy, and just wonderful children!

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Well, if You happen to pass by here, You are most welcome to drop me a line, if You would share my interest in big non-japanese gasoline driven vehicles. You are also very welcome to mail me, if You happen to be a citizen in western Florida, since our family is going there for vacations in the fall of 1998. We would really love to make contact with a family (with children), that we perhaps could visit for a few days.

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