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Welcome!!! If you are here, then you have to be a fan of Rock and Roll of the 50's, 60's, and the 70's. I have been around music my whole life and never realized how inspring that could be. It all started when I would sit and watch my brother play trumpet for the band. Then I started listening to modern music. I would fight with my Mom for control of the car radio. She would want to listen to Oldies, But I would want to listen to modern. That was until she finally converted me to Oldies! Now that is all I listen too. Groups such as the Beatles, The Turtles, and Simon and Garfunkle. I didn't realize that these were the patrons to modern day music. Since I am a Jazz performer, Jazz has inspired my life a great deal as well. Please take any of the midis below that you want. They are arranged in Alphabetical order. Just click on them and get them out of your Temporary Internet Files.

American Pie


Great Balls of Fire


In a Godda Da Vida

Johnny Be Good


Long Tall Sally

Louie Louie

Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds


Mrs Robinson

My Girl

Pretty Woman

Proud Mary

Smoke on the Water


Stairway to Heaven

Tears in Heaven



More Midis will be added as my Library grows. So please come back and visit this page often. If you have any oldie midi files that you would like to send to be added, E mail them to me and I will post them. Send Email at this link. E-Mail Thanks

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