Much has changed in our lives. We've laughed, we've cried, we've grown a lot. It's 2002, we've entered the new millennium, and many of us have been alive for over two decades. Most of us have completed two years of college, or are a member of the workforce, the military, or just live with their parents. But no matter what happens, one thing will never change. It's...

Matt G's Dancin' Home Page!!

COMING SOON! Matt G's Homepage Millennium Edition with the latest interests and pet peeves of yours truly. In edition there will be Dancin' Homepage Classic, where you can browse links of old pages both on and off of the site. For the guys, I am considering puttin' up some ladies...girls I haven't forgotten you, there will be some links for cooking and cleaning tips, yeap.

The missing wait, they're right there

This is currently a link page...real original dumbass
Forever will the page of fame be present, still gotta put Tim Burke on there.
The Natick Sucks page that started it all,

<----This has got to go, I seriously don't know what I was thinking, a Save Ferris link with a panda? I am so sorry.
This probably has to go too, although it does remind me that last summer was pretty great.

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If you're on this website right now, chances are you know me personally or at least went to high school with me. You may be someone who just surfed on, in which case I apologize. Either way, contact me in any way you can, because otherwise I have no idea what you think. *APPLAUSE*

2K2 I'm so lonely