Jody and Dave

Always in each others thoughts!

On a cold and windy night, The weather is chilly and you feel blue. Sometimes you feel something special inside, cause your with the one that makes you feel the way you do. Two young kids that feel for each other hugging and snugling next to each other. Jody you make me feel special when I feel blue, And you know that I'll be thinking always of you.

I'm Dave, Jody and I meet in a chatroom known as the hallway in WBS. We got to know each other via the internet and then running up our long distance bills. Finally on the 29th of Dec 1996 I found myself walking through St. Petersburg/Clearwater airport looking for the woman that was about to change my life for the rest of my life. On the 2nd of Jan 1997 I had to put her back on a plane. Jody, with tears in her eyes said "I feel that I won't see you again". I promised her that she would see me again. Several times after that we flew back and forth each time it was harder to leave each others arms. The 2nd of July 1997 Jody got on a plane headed to North Carolina as I was driving a rental truck with all my worldly possessions in it, to my sister's house up in the mountians of North Carolina. On the 3rd of July we jumped in that truck and started the drive to our home here in Texas. On the 4th of July we pulled into the town of Granbury, which is the small quiet Texas town that we live just south of. I will always love Independence Day not just for it being the birthday of our country's independence, but also because it's the aniversary of the day that Jody's home and mine became the same. I thank the lord up above each and every day because now that wonderful woman is my wife.

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The following is a list of friends that we have met on the highways and byways of the internet. If we have left you of the list then you need to drop us a line cause there are so many of you out there!

Ellieann (Diane) From the WBS
Best DE (Dawn) is a great friend and runs Resourse North in Red Wing,Mn.
Catwrangler and Prairedog (Whitney and Dale), We hope that they are just as happy and in love as the two of us! Now they are man and wife, Jody and I wish you the best always!
Indian Green Eyes2 (Annie) Another one of the sisters from WBS
L9x25 (Leo) a friend of Dave's and a fellow shooter
Nay(rben) Lets see, I think Nay was reffered to as the good sister?
HMcGoy (Hunter) Dave's gunsmith and a good friend (AOL)
western3 (Wes) AKA John Wesley Dearth a musician and IPSC shooter Dave knows (AOL)
SR25MATCH (Mark) a friend in Rockford, Il. (AOL)
Toads (Matt) A crazy nut from the WBS Hallway.
Quatal (Mike) Another friend from the WBS Hallway.
Fisher (David) One more from the Hallway!
Honico (Art) Another Hallway friend, And where do you get those jokes you've e-mailed!
Muskegon (Stacey) A nice girl that everyone enjoys having around.
Cyberclysim/Extreme Rane (Chris) Another Hallway refuge! But a heck of a fun guy to chat with!
Justelvira (Elizabeth) A new Hallway friend.
Psy (Kerry) Hi there Psy, you guessed from the Hallway.
Master & Caz (Hal & Carol) Nice Couple, just don't let the little ones see thier homepages *LOL*
Groover A great girl from down under, just has to watch for her boss while chatting! *L*
Mr Hobo, Kidan, Enygma42, Emeralda, mcm19f, Kess and others As you can see we do spend some time in the WBS Hallway and there is so many others that haven't been mentioned. If you have yet to visit the WBS Hallway you should give it a try, you'll meet the nicest people ever on the net!

We will be adding more names so if you run into one of them say hi for us and your name will be here soon!

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