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Itharr's Crossroads in Time

Itharr's Crossroads in Time


Welcome to my little niche in time. From here you can travel to the distant past and travel with the likes of Drizzt, the Dark Elf Ranger, or visit the future where galactic powers battle the constan fight between good and evil. There are even a few paths that lead to places some consider 'Modern times'. All these are available to you. Even if you are a stranger you are still welcome to walk the worlds from my home. May you have safe and enjoyable travels from here on out.


You are traveller to stumble through my portals since January 21 1997.

Here are the portals to the rest of my page

  1. My Star Wars section
  2. My Star Trek page
  3. Drizzt's Camp
  4. Some dull stuff about me
  5. A list of books that I've read

Here is a LINK to a page of links. Kinda redundent don't ya think. Anyway, visit these kind folks as they have pretty good pages...not as good as mine mind you (hehe) (Joke), but very good none the less.

Here is a nice little chat room that I recommend. It is the chat room for this neighborhood. I'm often there as Itharr.(Big Surprise) See ya there maybe

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These are some of the new feature that I am currently working on

  1. Star Trek section
  2. area for Imperial fans
  3. more space for Fantasy books and that sort of thing.

Any question and or comment please feel free to mail me at


Here is a nifty Guest book that I got from Kelly's page.(Thanks!!) Now, if people would only sign it it would be even better! Just click on the book to sign.

You sign mine and I'll sign yours!
Feel free to look at my Guest book.

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