X-Files Episode Guide

"You've been making reports on me since the beginning, Scully,
taking your LITTLE NOTES! "

Mulder from "Anasazi"

Well, yes Mulder, we've ALL been taking notes!

Why another guide, I hear you ask? I was getting tired of visiting one website for the plotlines, another for credits, yet another for quotes, click, click, click, my fingers were going numb! So I started putting all the pieces together into my own episode guide and now I'd like to share it with you, my fellow xphiles.

You won't find any huge, snazzy graphics here, no pictures of the cast, naked or otherwise, just simply all the written info you could need on each and every episode of my favorite show. I will be updating on a regular basis, and will also have info on up-coming shows, where it's available.

Some of the info contained here came from The X-Files Official Web Site, but I'll also be adding personal comments and info that comes from my secret sources. You'll find some of the episodes from the first three seasons will be a bit sparce, but I WILL be updating all the entries.

What follows are not reviews, persay, just my notes and comments, along with LOTS of quotes, my favorite part of the show.

It is assumed you have either seen the episode or don't mind spoilers, because the following pages are covered in 'em, lots of 'em, you've been warned!

If you've passed through security safely, then let's go!

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This is all unofficial and possibly illegal. I'm NOT affiliated with Ten Thirteen Productions, Chris Carter, Fox Television, Fox Mulder, Cancer Man or any of the other nefarious creatures out there in the dark. I'm just another xphile with too much time on her hands.

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